Saturday, February 12, 2011

Acorns and Oak Leaves

When my Paul travels to Ireland for business and to visit his family, he stops into any quilt store he can find.  (His co-workers just can't put into words their enthusiasm for these little detours!)

One quilt store was "Mission Quilts" where he met lovely ladies willing to help him pick out fabric and a pattern for me.  Mission Quilts is located in County Londonderry where acorns and oak leaves are the symbol of the county.  The fabrics are covered with those elements in the most wonderful designs!

Here is the finished quilt:

Had  a wonderful time quilting lots of acorns and oak leaves in each square:

Detail of Acorns and Oak Leaves, along with the border quilting.

Quilted this quilt on my longarm.  Enjoyed the challenge of designing my own pattern and applying it to the quilt.  Love the fact that my husband supports my quilting habit in such a wonderful way!


Deborah said...

How beautiful...and what a great husband! I love the quilting you did. Do you do free hand motion quilting? I'm at that place to start learning to machine quilt.

Tuffimom said...

Thank you for your kind words, Deborah! My DH is a keeper! Yes, I do free motion quilting on my new longarm, also from my DH. (I'm a bit spoiled.) Machine quilting is tons of fun, so enjoy every minute!