Sunday, October 13, 2013

Curly Top In Autumn

Seems I make many apologies for being late in posting the blocks each month, but sometimes life has different plans for you.  As you know, I made Curly Top because I lost all my hair during chemotherapy.  Then, I had surgery and radiation, which wiped me out.  And then the emergency surgery, but that's a story for another time......

At the end of August, my dad passed away suddenly.  We have great comfort knowing that he is in heaven with his Savior, but we miss him terribly.  Turned out my cancer gave me extra time with him, since he took me to so many of my treatments.  In fact, our last conversation was sitting at my kitchen table, showing him the August block, "To My Dad, Love Curly Top."  He looked at me, smiled and told me how he was proud of me.  Even as an adult, making my parents proud of me is important.

So, here's the block for September, The Apple of Curly Top's Eye found on Ewes Quilting.
Did you ever take an apple to the teacher?  As a teacher, I received plenty of lovely apples!!

And October, Curly Top's Tricks and Treats....
The jack o'lantern is carved and ready for Halloween!
On a more positive note, my hair has come back and it is very, very curly like it was when I was little.  In fact, I almost have the same hairdo as Curly Top!!  Apparently, growing hair is my super power as I had more than the ladies in radiation (and they teased me about it every day for six weeks!!)!  I am thankful my dad could see me regain what I lost with the cancer.

Thank you for following along with Curly Top in spite of all the interruptions.  I always welcome your comments and pictures of your blocks!!