Saturday, June 30, 2012

City Girls Pulling Strings

Here's the virtual quilt
If you thought I used too many exclamation marks in my posts before, you haven't seen anything yet!!  This quilt is made from Monica Lee's newest fabric line, "City Girls" and I was asked to design and make the quilt!!  To be the first person to make a quilt from a fabric line was amazing and I'm so thankful for the experience!!

Here's a photo of Monica's line.....
The polka dots and stripes really set off the graphics nicely!
And a couple of close-ups of the selvages--those little high heeled shoes are just too cute!! 
"Boudoir" filled with all things girly!

I never wear high heels, but wish I could.  I get nose-bleeds at that altitude!
 Voila!!  The finished quilt!  (Sorry it's not a better picture--had to send it off right away!)
 And a close-up of some of the quilting--I love those funky feathers!!
Am passionate about quilt labels--every quilt should have one!!  Every artist should sign their work and leave a record for future generations!

Here is the quilt at the Timeless Treasure's booth atnSpring Market in Kansas City....
Pretty and versatile fabric--can be made into quite a few charming items!!
If you'd like the free pattern, it can be found on Timeless Treasure's website under "Free Projects" or click here .  Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wooly Wishes June Block Posted!!

This month's block shows dad in his favorite tie, probably a gift for Father's Day!  You can find the directions here.  Use your imagination to create a wild and crazy tie so your ram is the best dressed sheep on the block!

Send your pictures to me at so I can admire your handiwork!