Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Couple Completed Projects

A friend was having a birthday, so thought a tablerunner would be a nice way to celebrate. Found the pattern and fabric at Calico and Cotton in Ocean City, NJ.

The next project was a prize for a contest I had with BlockBuddies, my on-line yahoo group. We were starting a new swap and she picked the winning name.

It's a chocolate covered strawberry pin cushion. Just for fun, put some stuffing in a dish to look like whipped cream--the perfect fat-free dessert!! The winner seemed to appreciate my humble offerings and put it to good use.

Now, off to finish a UFO!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Jersey's 9th Annual Shop Hop

Today I finished my third NJ ShopHop--two days early! This year, there were eleven stores, as far north as Vernon and as far south as Swedesboro. Chocolate colored charm squares, quilt patterns, chocolate related recipes and pewter necklace charms were offered by each store.

Chocolate Charms

Mercifully, not only were the store hours extended, but they added a day. This additional day allowed me to work within my family's schedule. Hopped at six stores the first day, three stores the next and two on the third. My DH was able to come with me for the last day and we spent a lovely afternoon at the beach, walking the boardwalk.

After much deliberating, decided we liked the quilt offered at Calico and Cotton in Ocean City. Here's the finishing kit and pattern, Delectable Mountains:

Now I'm itching to make this quilt so I can quilt it on my new frame!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newest Member of Our Family

My dear husband and I went to the American Quilt Society's show in Lancaster, PA in March. As you can see by the name on the tag, a HandiQuilter Avante came home with me! Am so excited at the idea of quilting a twelve inch block on point. Of course, will need to practice quite a bit first!

The easiest part of the process was bringing home the machine in the back of our minivan--it only weighs 65 pounds. While waiting for the table to arrive, the pink sarcophagus lived in the dining room.

Almost two weeks later, the table arrived Thursday, April 8! The UPS lady not only had a few choice words for me, but also had an asthma attack when she got all 255 pounds of table onto the front porch. Paul, being the best husband in the world, got right to work putting it together. Since there was no way for us to lift the boxes and put them into the house, he brought it in, piece by piece.

The front porch Thursday night

Once the first five of fifteen steps were competed (three hours later), my table really started to take shape! Amazing how much room a 12 foot table really needs! Have seven months to figure out where the Christmas tree is going to go, since it traditionally goes in that corner.

By Saturday morning, we freed the machine from its box and put it on the table--just perfect! Using the enclosed DVD, was able to load the quilt and start practicing. Am amazed at how simple it is to use--feel like I can get started on a quilt right away! Thankfully, I have at least twelve tops to quilt, so practice isn't going to be a problem.

This little gizmo is the bobbin winder--it was the only component I was able to pick up myself, weighing in at around ten pounds.

Am very excited to have this great new toy, err, I mean tool, to finish my quilts. Most of all, am thankful for a darling husband who encourages me (sparing no expense) in all that I do.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Sewing Class

This year's spring break is a little unusual this year due to the snow--our older daughter had only Monday off while our younger daughter had the week off. Having only one child to entertain allowed for a long-overdue sewing lesson with her dear friend, a young lady quite enamoured with sewing.

Dug out my first sewing machine, a Singer I purchased when we first were married. This machine is something of a dinosaur, but provides a full education without the risk of overwhelming the user.

After finding a beginner's appropriate apron pattern (cooking is another of their passions), I took the girls to Joann's and had them to pick out whatever fabric they'd like. One young lady selected a chicken print for the main part of the apron with an egg fabric for the pocket. (Very clever!!)

Chicken and Egg Apron
Our daughter selected cherries for her main section with a back pocket--Mary Engelbreit would be so proud! (And who will be able to tell if it gets dirty?)
Cherries Jubilee

And, since Father's Day is around the corner (more honestly, at that time of year, I'm either at a loss for gift ideas or up to my eyeballs in deadlines), decided to make a very handsome one for my sweet husband. Here it is modeled by our older daughter....

Celebrating Daddy!

The girls did all the pressing and sewing--thought we'd save using a rotary cutter for another lesson. Am so very proud of their efforts and how naturally talented they are! Hope they continue to enjoy sewing!