Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Christmas in August

Have been noticing a fashion trend that warms the Scottish part of my heart--lots and lots of plaids!  Have petted bolts and bolts of various plaids in the quilt and fabric shops I've visited lately, along with racks and racks of clothing.....
and shoes.....
And your favorite pooch can even sport plaid!!
In the spirit of not being last-minute this Christmas, I made a boatload of table runners, you guessed it, with Christmas plaids!
By the way, it's not always easy to find Christmas embellishments in July.....

To celebrate the resurgence of plaid, I designed a quick and easy wall-hanging for you to enjoy!  You'll use a variety of plaids, which works out well since it's hard to just pick one!
If you'd like the pattern, post a comment (make sure I can contact you!!) and I'll send you the pattern at the beginning of September.  Start collecting those plaids!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wooly Wishes August BOM Posted!

Do you remember this advertisement for Coppertone? 

When I was little, there was no sunscreen, only tanning lotion.  Not the best option for a redhead and I was scorched on many occasions!  You should have seen me the summer I used baby oil so I could be like everyone else.....!!
Here's another ad from my childhood.....
I was marinated in Solarcaine, tea bags, aloe, Noxema and Silvadene.

In memory of all the sunburns I have received in the past, and probably will receive in the future, here's Wooly Wishes Block of the Month for August....
Hope you'll make this block--there aren't too many times you're going to see a sheep in a bikini!  For the pattern, please click here.