Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our New Mailbox

The time had come to replace the mailbox and it's pole. We knew it was time because the pole was rotten all the way through and no amount of boards stuffed at the base would prevent it from tipping over.

Rather than bring bodily harm to the nicest mail carrier we've ever had, the decision was made to replace the entire set-up. When the new mailbox came home, it gave me an idea--have seen painted flowers, light houses and John Deere tractors, but never a quilt block. Having the nicest and most long-suffering husband in the world, asked if it would be okay for me to decorate it. Thankfully (and predictably), he agreed.

Gathered my supplies--an EQ print out of a variable star block, some paint pens, chalk and a ruler. Colored the back of the print out with chalk and then traced it onto the mailbox.

The image was a bit fuzzy, but still usable. Settled down for a relaxing coloring session.

Here are the first two colors finished....

and here is the block all done! (Before the purple was dry, it was very pink, hence the smudge in the square.) Then I got to work on the other side. When both sides had their respective blocks, sprayed it with a satin sealant.

Here is our new mailbox out on the curb, waiting the hundreds of swaps to arrive. Thinking the mail carrier won't have the heart to deliver bills to such quilty mailbox.