Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Endeavor

Seems that quilting takes a back seat to all the holiday preparations that happen between Halloween and New Year's Day. (Eight family birthdays from September to November don't help, either!) Getting in the last bit of quilting before my frame has to come down for the snow village that only fits in that space.

Was asked by one of our fellow church members to quilt a quilt for our former pastor. Since all that was required was a simple meander, didn't think it would be too difficult to quilt, then found out it was 104 inches by 94 inches! Measured my frame, and in theory, it should fit just fine. Turned out that it was more a challenge than I originally thought, getting the tension clamps in the right place and the carriage all the way to the end to quilt the borders. With a little patience, I was able to get the whole quilt done, even with the machine acting up the last 18 inches. Guess "Jaws" (my Brother 1500s) is just as tempermental as I am after quilting for five or so hours.

Now I should be finishing up a few more of my own projects before the season gets too busy, but I don't have any deadlines looming. Just enjoy the process too much to rush it.