Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Giving 2011

Another year is coming to a close and another is waiting in the wings, full of promise!  The other day our older daughter of 16 remarked, "Wow, time is just flying by!"  Wait until she's my age--it evaporates!!

Wanted to share some of the Christmas items I made this year--this is the first installment since not everyone has received their gifts yet......

Ten-Minute table runner from The Village Quilter
Some button embellishments
This table runner is one of the gifts I made for my mother--she loves cardinals and chickadees!

A tiny 12 inch wall-hanging in a Celtic style for our pastor and his wife......

Batik stocking--tres chic for the 16 year-old!
Skull animals for Christma
Our older daughter was ready for a new stocking--Minnie Mouse no longer held all the loot Santa brought!

 The younger daughter's stocking was starting to show its age, so she also needed a new stocking.  She is certainly her own person!

We only have two human children--the other stocking is for Tuffi, our Wheaten Terrier!
Our Tuffi!

 There were two quilts on the gift list, but will have to post the second picture in the next couple of days.  Here's one for a special little guy....
His mom holding up his quilt--she was just as thrilled as he was!
This year ended with some very exciting quilty possibilities and I'm looking forward to 2012!  Planning some fun activities, will be revealing a brand new look for my website and a new BOM!  Hope you'll join me!

Wishing you and your family much health and happiness in the coming year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Latest Winner!

Congratulations to Cassandra, our newest winner of the Sophie charm pack! 

Thanks to all who participated in the Blog Hop Party--had a wonderful time meeting everyone! In the next few weeks, watch for the unveiling of a new look for my website, Ewes Quilting and a brand new BOM! 

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays--Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year! Or, as one of my great-aunts used to say, "Have a Cool Yule and a Frantic First!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Final Prize

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Many of you have been busy bees, buzzing from blog to blog!  Certainly nice to have a bit of a diversion during such a busy time of year! Thank you to all my new followers--appreciate you taking the time to read my little blog and enjoy all your comments!

Congratulations to Rosa for being our latest winner of the table runner kit!

And my final prize is.....
Another 5 inch charm pack!
Moda Bake Shop has a project that uses a Sophie charm pack, click here to check it out.  Very clever quilt and full of places to do some fancy quilting!  Looking over the pattern, I noticed that they recommend using a product like Liquid Stitch to place the appliques.  Not sure how my sewing machine would enjoy sewing through glue, so I think I'd use Roxanne's Glue Baste-It.  Had anyone ever tried sewing through Liquid Stitch?

Find I'm doing more and more applique lately, although piecing is my first love.  Seems like applique compliments the piecing and makes the quilt extra special.  Have tried various ways to applique, but would love to hear your favorite way--needle-turn, fusible, machine, hand, etc.  Feel free to share any secrets you use to make your applique "just right." 

Please post a comment on any applique advice you'd like to offer on this entry between Friday, December 16th and before midnight December 17th and a winner will be selected randomly on December 18th.  Please make sure I'm able to contact you by e-mail to let you know if you won. Thanks so much for playing and it's been great fun meeting all of you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everyday Ten Minute Table Runner Give-Away!

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Looks like I'm starting to rhyme my post titles--must be due to all the excitement this time of year brings!

Congratulations to our latest winner......Cherise!!  Very much enjoyed reading everyone's favorite two color combinations-thanks so much for sharing!  You all have fantastic color sense!

Our next prize is.....
.......another Ten Minute Table Runner ready to grace your table after the hubbub of the holidays!!  This kit includes Moda's Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais--very charming!

So, for today's question, I'd like to know how many blogs all of you have visited during the Blog Hop Party?  Have you won many prizes?  My husband has an amazing track record at winning prizes, but me, not so much.  Please post a comment on this entry between Wednesday, December 14th and before midnight December 15th and a winner will be selected randomly on December 16.  Please make sure I'm able to contact you by e-mail to let you know if you won. Thanks so much for playing!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Charm Pack Give Away!

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Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on the last post--just loved learning about all the wonderful handmade gifts you've given or received!  Congratulations to Ella for winning our first of four give-aways!

The next prize up for grabs is....

I love five-inch charm packs!  Feel so empowered owning a little bit of an entire collection!
"Rouenneries Deux"  translates to "two printed cotten."  Moda has packaged these little beauties in a five-inch charm pack, all ready for your creative touch!  If time is short and you need a project in a jiffy, check out Moda's Bake Shop for a great idea!  Was thinking it would made a great tote bag for my sister, the family francophile.
Since these fabrics are printed with only two colors, I was thinking about two color quilts and wondered what two colors you enjoy most together?  If I look at my quilts, seems I prefer red and white.  Please post your favorite two color combination by midnight, Tuesday December 13 and a winner will be selected randomly on December 14.  Please make sure I'm able to contact you by e-mail to let you know if you won. Best to you!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Prize 1 of the Blog Party

It's time to start!!  Click here for the complete list of participating blogs!

Welcome to my blog!!  Am so glad you stopped by to visit during the Blog Party! Since your time is precious as you're checking out the over 200 blogs, I'll be brief!

Here's the first prize:
Chickadees, cardinals and holly!!  Oh, my!!
This cute little bundle is a Ten-Minute Table Runner, complete with complimentary fabrics and instructions.  Believe me, you can whip one of these babies up before Christmas dinner!  I usually add simple embellishments like buttons or yo-yo's to give it that extra  special touch.  Made one for my parents this year--will post a picture when I finish sewing on the special buttons.

To participate in the drawing for this prize, please post a comment on either December 10 or by midnight December 11.  Just for fun, please include in your comment your favorite hand-made gift you've either given or received.  Make sure I can contact you by e-mail if your is number is randomly selected on December 12, when a new prize will be posted!  Please come again on Monday and see what you can win!

Hope you win lots of great quilty stuff this week!  Thanks, again, for stopping by!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Give-Aways for the Blog Party

So, the Quilter's Blog Party is right around the corner!  From December 10-17, well over 200 quilting blogs will be offering prizes and my blog is one of them!  My prizes are pictured above--one Ten-Minute Christmas table runner, one Ten-Minute everyday table runner, a Moda "Sophia" five-inch charm pack and another Moda "Rouenneries Deux" five-inch charm pack.

Since there are so many blogs to visit, thought I would  have a drawing every other day so you have two days to enter for each prize.  How does that sound?  Post a comment to each blog entry and I'll pull a winner randomly.

For a list of all the blogs, click here!

See you December 10th!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quilter’s Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways!

For the first time, I'm going to participate in a Blog Hop!  December 10-17, 2011 check back here to see what prize I'll be offering, how to enter for the drawing and a list of all the other blogs that are participating, 

There will be plenty of quilty loot for you to win from nearly one hundred blogs!!