Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quilted Clock

Because the commute to Ohio is not reasonable for me and I'd love to work in her quilt store, Donna from the Spider's Web Fabric Store ( kindly allowed me to bring home a kit from our Block Buddies retreat to make as a store sample for her new brick and mortar shop.

Donna selected a fabric with cats strolling in lines and a beautiful amber colored hand-dyed. Because it made more sense for the cats to march horizontally rather than uphill, the squares needed to be cut on the bias, making for an exciting time piecing and quilting. With a little planning and careful handling of the bias edges, the whole project came together by lunchtime.

The directions were well-written, but part of the clock assembly instructions were excluded. If you decide to make this project, remember to put the hanging bracket on the motor first (it isn't listed) or you'll have to take it apart later. (Not as much fun as it sounds!)

Off to pack it up for shipping--Tuffi is offended that I would make a clock with quilted kitties instead of dogs, but Wheaten fabric is hard to find!

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