Sunday, August 4, 2013

Curly Top May, June, July and August Posted

 I had planned on posting a block every week in August until we were all caught up, but the overwhelming number of e-mails caused me to change my mind!!  So, you will find the instructions for the May block here.  Curly Top has a lovely bunch of flowers to celebrate spring.

The block for June is a happy memory of mine while working maintenance for my dad's company.  I learned how to drive a tractor and was surrounded by swallows while I cut the grass.  You can find the instructions for this block here

July's block looks like this.....
Here in the United States we celebrate Independence Day with lots of flag waving, but feel free to personalize the block and make it your own!  The instructions for this block and all the other Curly Top blocks can be found at Ewes Quilting.

And finally......
Wow!!  Curly Top should have reapplied sunblock during her surfing lessons!!  Been there myself, which explains all my freckles!!  You will find the instructions for August's block here.

Thank you for your e-mails and your continued interest in Curly Top!

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Ann said...

Just saw the new blocks. They are so cute. I hope this means you are doing a lot better. Praying for you!