Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing For Happy Campers

Several years ago, far too many to count, I bought these panels for the girls' bunks at camp.  In my world, the urgent tends to crowd out the important, so they had to wait....and then wait a little longer.....until, finally, my world got a bit less structured and I was able to put them together for this summer's camp. 

So, I got started.  I cut out the Sugar Daddy pillow and quickly realized the manufacturer goofed:

By adding the words, "Delicious Milk Caramel Pop," they made the front at least an inch larger than the back.  The grain of the fabric wouldn't easily allow for fudging, but I did the best I could. Really wish pattern designers would proof-read and double check their patterns--crafters are limited in how much time they can spend on their hobby and this type of bump in the road only wastes valuable time.

The other pillows went a little easier and the tootsie roll one is the favorite:

Gives whole new meaning to "Super Sized"
Love sending handmade gifts with the girls when they are at camp--sort of like I'm right there with them, but without the bugs!


Cathy said...

The Tootsie Roll is my favorite too!
I hope they like them!

Rosa said...

Sweetest!!Hope the enjoy them!!

Tuffimom said...

Thank you for your kind remarks! :)