Friday, June 24, 2011

New Gadget

Until I invest in a better system, I'm forced to pin, pin, pin when loading a quilt onto my frame.  My family is a bit tenuous to approach me while I'm preparing a quilt for quilting for fear of being skewered.  So, I've been trying to find alternative pin holders rather than my apron.

At MQX, Judy Woodworth had these nifty little magnetic holders, but our time was so short, I never got a chance to ask her about them.  But, a trip to Lowes was able to solve the riddle:

Its intended purpose is holding nails, nuts and bolts and costs less than $7!
It is one strong magnet!  In fact, it can hold pins on a vertical surface or on the bars of my frame--check it out:
Magnet strong enough to go through all the layers of a quilt, too!
Had a pillowcase making session with "the girls" and they loved using the bowl for catching pins.  (Being such a powerful magnet, I wouldn't recommend using this as a pin bowl next to a computerized machine or credit cards for fear of causing damage.)  Looking at our trips to Lowes in a whole new way!


Eileen said...

Got mine at Pep Boys ~ but it doesn't have that nifty little rim!
We still need to get together to compare tips and hints ;0)

Tuffimom said...

Should probably have asked you first where to find one of those thingies! Would love to plan a time to chat with you and give you your thread card. How does your calendar look?