Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Jersey Shop Hop 2011

It's one of my favorite times of the year, a quilting quest of sorts, where I drive all over New Jersey picking up charm packs from eleven different quilt stores. This year's New Jersey Shop Hop was the 10th anniversary and pink charms with darling buttons were available for every hopper.

My new stash of pink charms!
My DH plans the route carefully--one day (the long day) visiting six stores to the north, another day driving to the three stores to the south and the last day my sweet DH joins me for the remaining two stores down the shore.  In total, put about 463 miles on the van. Of course, this year's horrible rain made it a bit more challenging to drive, but mercifully, the trip was without incident.

Those who planned the Shop Hop didn't make it easy to pick a quilt pattern!  After a few nights of "oohing" and "aaahing" over the choices, we decided to purchase the finishing kit for The Village Quilter's offering, designed by Karen Dever and the Village Quilter staff.
Guess I'm still riding the wave of the basket themed quilt show.... 
An added bonus is a day at the shore with my DH, walking on Ocean City's boardwalk and enjoying a lovely lunch.  (Anything you eat at the shore seems to taste better!) 

Don't let April fool you--the sun is quite capable of a good scorching!  I know first-hand!
I finished the hop in three days and hope to win one of the wonderful prizes.  If not, that's okay--I enjoyed a mini vacation, lovely people and a date with my husband.  Already feel like a winner!   Besides, there's always next year!

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