Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Apple Quilters May Workshops

Love Apple Quilters sponsor five workshops a year and I'm teaching a class using one of Kari Ramsay's patterns for Moda, "In A Jiffy."  Kari not only writes excellent directions, she's come up with a fantastic technique for making a quilt top, dare I say it, "In A Jiffy!"

With another quilt show looming in two years, we're going to need to get started now.  If you'd like to make it along with us, check out In A Jiffy and print out your copy, grab a layer cake, a bottle of Mary Ellen's starch alternative and a long acrylic ruler.

Making the quilt top would have only taken a few hours if I could get a few hours in a row. 

Here's a picture of the top, held up by my special quilt rack--our teenage daughter:

Made with a layer cake purchased from The Village Quilter, Mt. Holly, NJ
Didn't have time to quilt the top before presenting the class samples, so I'll have to post how I quilt it later.  Stay tuned!

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