Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Your Turn Round Robin!

Block Buddies is doing a special project--an "It's Your Turn Round Robin" in the style of Pat Sloan's quilter's activity by the same name!  Due to time restraints, we're going to just have four members in each group and everyone's going to make one block that fits the theme.

As you can see, my theme is Christmas.  Used a Nancy Halversen design for the Nativity and the Karen Kay Buckley method of machine applique.  The background fabric at the top has Psalms scrolling across, filling the sky like I imagine the angels did when proclaiming His birth all those years ago.  (Luke 2:13-14)

Am hoping for lots of angels, sheep (am very fond of the black ones) and a star.  Am fortunate the group I'm in is filled with incredibly talented ladies who will do an exceptional job.  Will be sure to post when it's finished!

If this kind of activity appeals to you, please feel free to check out Block Buddies for yourself!  Here's a link .We have loads of activities and one is sure to appeal to you!

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