Friday, September 19, 2008

Stylish Note Taking

Was wondering if better ideas come to more stylish notebooks? Guess we'll see over time, but just thankful that this one is so bright that I will never lose it.
Using Michael Miller fabrics and a Pink Chalk pattern, went to work creating a handy way to keep all my notes in order for all the meetings and various workshops I attend. The fabric was a delight, but there were a few measurement issues with the pattern. If you decide to use this pattern, measure the pieces on the template sheet, not the written direction measurements. None of the mistakes were critical to finishing the project, just annoying.


Pat said...

Hi Carole! Hope to see this one on the Love Apple workshop list in the very near future! I also love the tea you still have that pattern? We could make some of these for the Charity Quilts tea party!!!

Pat F

Tuffimom said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, Pat! I would be happy to teach this workshop and I do have the pattern for the cozy--quick and easy!