Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kind of Cozy!

This cozy project is for my sister on her birthday--today!! (She also shares her birthday with my DH, but he doesn't need a tea cozy.) She has admired the one I made for our mother for several years and offered it as a gift idea. Of course, I would make one for her! First of all, she is my only sister and secondly, she's never asked me for anything before. It was perfect.

Purchased the pattern years ago and it is well-written and easily assembled. The best part is that the cozy is reversible, so it can be two different cozies in one. Kind of fun to use all the decorative stitches on one's sewing machine. I did add the tassles as an extra decorative touch.

The tricky part is that she wanted a particular color to go with her dishes. After scouring about ten on-line stores, went to The Village Quilter and Susan helped me pick out fabric that would fit the style and color of her dishes. Guess we'll know for sure when I give it to her at her birthday party!

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Holly said...

It really is exciting that you finished the circle quilt! I look forward to see it in person.
Happy Quilting!