Monday, August 13, 2012

Wooly Wishes August BOM Posted!

Do you remember this advertisement for Coppertone? 

When I was little, there was no sunscreen, only tanning lotion.  Not the best option for a redhead and I was scorched on many occasions!  You should have seen me the summer I used baby oil so I could be like everyone else.....!!
Here's another ad from my childhood.....
I was marinated in Solarcaine, tea bags, aloe, Noxema and Silvadene.

In memory of all the sunburns I have received in the past, and probably will receive in the future, here's Wooly Wishes Block of the Month for August....
Hope you'll make this block--there aren't too many times you're going to see a sheep in a bikini!  For the pattern, please click here.

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