Monday, March 26, 2012

The Newest Quilter on Our Block

For years, I've been saving the little scrabbles from my quilting and filling an onion bag with the pieces much too small for a seam.  The bag goes outside in the spring so there is plenty of nesting material available for the birds. About this time of year, the birds snitch little bits every day to construct their new homes--we have robins that nest in our rose bush faithfully every year.

This year, the squirrels have decided to use my fabric for their new nest in our willow tree!!

Can you see the fabric strips in the nest?  Pretty colorful!  Bet all the other squirrels are jealous, but hope they don't entertain notions of moving into our willow, too.  We already have an assortment of giant rabbits, a slew of chipmunks and a few ground hogs, in spite of having a dog.  They apparently pay her some sort of extortion to allow them to stay--she typically looks at them and then goes in a different direction.

Do you have a special way you recycle your scraps?  Would appreciate you sharing your best idea in the comment section so everyone can read it and give it a try--thanks so much!

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