Sunday, February 12, 2012

Commemorative Quilts

 Guess there are lots of reasons to make a quilt:  enamored with the fabric, the challenge of the pattern, celebrating a new baby or a "special" birthday or commemorating an event.  I've made my share of quilts for all of the previously mentioned reasons, but this post is going to focus on a few of the commemorative quilts I've made.

Made this quilt for a friend's special birthday.  Everyone at the party signed their name so she could wrap herself in their good wishes for years to come.

This technique also worked for a baby shower.....
And a close up of one of the blocks....
Now the little guy has a lasting keepsake of all those who came together to celebrate his coming into the world!

The latest commemorative quilt I made was for Love Apple Quilters 30th anniversary....
Thirty Years Stitching Together
Each heart is named after a particular aspect of the guild that makes it so special.  Both the appliques and the quilting are Love Apples.  Was thrilled to find the fabric in the borders--they look like teeny-tiny love apples, too! 

Commemorative Quilts are on Quilting Gallery this weekend!  You should stop by and vote for five of your favorites.  "Thirty Years Stitching Together" is one of the entries.

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