Friday, November 11, 2011

Necessity Is Still The Mother of Invention!

I love my Avante, whom I've lovingly named "Harvey."  (I'm sure you've all seen the 1950's movie with Jimmy Stewart and the six foot, three and a half inch white rabbit--if not, here's a description of the classic movie.)

Harvey is pretty well behaved and quilts anything I throw at him, but he's picky about his thread.  He likes it on a cone rather than a spool.  Not having too much extra time to get the proper spool pin in place, I had to improvise.  Thankfully, our household doesn't lack for craft supplies, specifically, chenille stems (formally referred to as "pipe cleaners" when smoking a pipe was more socially acceptable).

Please, HandiQuilter, don't hold this against me!!
My innovation isn't going to be a permanent solution, but in a pinch, works perfectly!  Would love for you to share your unconventional, but effective, solutions to machine quilting issues!  Please post a comment so I can learn from your experience!


Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...

I love the "hand-quilted" look created by doing ruler work, but cannot always find a ruler that I want. I have a wonderful 92 (yeah) grandfather who loves to do wood-work as a hobby. So....I give him my border stencils, he traces them to wood and cuts out a ruler that works for my machine.

It can also be very expensive to take professional machine quilting classes, so I go to "YouTube" and watch how to do various quilting Here are some of my favorite links. Enjoy!

Feather Circle Quilt Video.wmv

LongArm Class: Dancing Feathers SuperFAST- This is a promo for some of our new LongArm lessons that will be ready for download after launch

Continuous Curve Quilting by Off the Edge (channel)

Baptist Fan Quilting by Off the Edge (channel)

Tuffimom said...

Thank you, ShannonsQuiltingServices! I do watch boatloads of YouTube videos in place of classes and I'll check out your list for new ones--thank you! How wonderful to have talented family! Everyone I'm related to contributes to my quilting, too! Thanks for posting!

The Quilted Finish said...

I've had my Avante for about 5 months and LOVE it, thanks for the tip about chenille stick spool holder! Love improvisations like that!