Friday, September 9, 2011

Jersey Fresh

At the beginning of the summer, I stopped by The Village Quilter to pick up my block of the month, when I was shown their newest kit.  "Jersey Fresh" suited my taste--polka dots, fruits and veggies and lots of room for quilting.

Look at how cleverly the staff at The Village Quilters pack their kits!
Look at all those cool fruit and veggie fabrics together!

Our older daughter arranged the pieced border for me--she did a great job!  Love that our girls love fabric and design as much as I do. 

The rest of the top came together quickly and soon it was on the frame.

Here's a close-up of some of the quilting--since I love vegetables, I quilted double hearts among the polka dots and strawberries.
Cabbage, carrots and plums!  Oh, my!
Am thrilled it's a big enough quilt to cover my entire kitchen table (but, it certainly had a decent amount of binding!).
Pretty sure not one plate of food will be placed on this tablecloth!
Since this summer's heat was so intensive in our part of the world and the rabbits so voracious, our veggie garden yielded the minimum.  (Am hopeful the few tomatoes out there ripen by Thanksgiving!)  This table cover provides the Jersey Fresh fruits and veggies my garden couldn't.

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Eileen said...

Great job, by both you and your daughter!