Tuesday, August 2, 2011

South American Treasures

My dear, sweet husband planned our summer get-away to South America this year while the girls were at camp.  It was quite a trip--ten planes in thirteen days, two countries, three climate zones and only one quilt store.
Moai are enormous--this guy is about 90 tons!

Our first stop was Easter Island, land of the moai.  The Rapa Nui don't have much need for quilts on this temperate island, where the temperatures hover around 70 degrees all the time, but they have a thriving souvenir industry that makes fabric placemats!  So, we went off to the artist's market and found these:

No one is left who can read the Rapa Nui written language, but they do know you start at the bottom left corner and go to the bottom right corner, then turn it over and read the line above it.  You keep flipping the piece every time you get to the end of a line.

Of course, they all vary in size a bit, but that's what setting strips are for!

The next stop on our adventure was Santiago--the home of the only quilt store in South America.  Our tour guide, Hugo, said it was the first time in twenty years he ever had to take tourists to a quilt store. 

Pilar and the other quilters were very welcoming!
Had to keep in mind that any fabric I purchased had to be carried throughout the rest of our South American adventure, so I restrained myself.

The cotton fabrics are from Brazil, while the fat quarters and die cuts are American fabrics.
Going to take a brief moment and feature a fabulous picture my Paul took of Santiago the night we were there:
Taken from our hotel window in Santiago.
Will be inspired by this trip for a long time!

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Eileen said...

Welcome home ~ looks as though the two of you had a wonderful time!