Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mother's Day Is Every Day, Right?

While at MQX, I found a lovely booth where they were selling table runner kits quite reasonably.  The owner was so sweet-natured, it was hard not to make a purchase.  Fortunately, one kit was of pansies, my mother's favorite flower:
Biggest table runner I ever made--almost 53 inches!
Uses this opportunity to quilt more feathers with invisible thread--just love knowing feathers are there, even if they aren't too visible!

The fabric amounts were off a bit, so there wasn't enough for the backing.  My mom loves the Aunt Grace fabric, so here's the backing...

Each girl's dress is a fabric from the Aunt Grace line--very cute!
And the finished project:

The pattern called for thick bindings, but that made turning those weird angled corners too much of a challenge.  Would recommend for a project like this to keep your bindings as thin as possible.

Good think my mother is patient--this table runner is her final gift for Mother's Day (2011).


Eileen said...

Better late than never, and the feathers look great, too!

Tuffimom said...

You're such an encouragement to me--thanks, Eileen!