Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fifth Grade Art Project 2011--Part II

You may remember from an earlier post I've been honored for a second year to help our elementary school's art department by tuning their original art into a quilt ( Fifth Grade Art Project ).  Well, it's been stitched, quilted, bound, sleeved, labeled and is now ready to go on display!

Think Friedensreich Hundertwasser would be very pleased!
The students did a fantastic job capturing Hundertwasser's vision under the art direction of Mrs. Randi Gordon at Marlton Elementary School.  Each child made a flower with paint sticks to keep with this year's art festival theme, "Fantasy Flowers."

Flowers lend themselves to bugs, so I took some liberties with the quilting and included a critter or two.
A tiny spider's web and spider....

A butterfly looking for a good place to land...

And a dragonfly near our daughter Sarah's flower.
Given our Sarah's intense dislike for spiders, she requested a dragonfly near her flower.  The spider and his web were banished to the other side of the quilt.

Sarah is going to be a demonstrator at the art festival this year, showing others how to create a gargoyle like hers!  She is thrilled with this special honor and thankful for the opportunity!  (Pictures will follow!)


Eileen said...

Really looks great, Carole! I like that you had fun with the spider and other winged creatures ~ really fabulous!!
I am glad to see that you are having so much fun ...

Pam - said...

I just found this wonderful quilt via Pinterest & just had to come read more about it on your blog! You AND the kids AND the teachers must be so proud. It's just beautiful, and to think you even hand-dyed the fabrics for the kids! Awesome work!