Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newest Member of Our Family

My dear husband and I went to the American Quilt Society's show in Lancaster, PA in March. As you can see by the name on the tag, a HandiQuilter Avante came home with me! Am so excited at the idea of quilting a twelve inch block on point. Of course, will need to practice quite a bit first!

The easiest part of the process was bringing home the machine in the back of our minivan--it only weighs 65 pounds. While waiting for the table to arrive, the pink sarcophagus lived in the dining room.

Almost two weeks later, the table arrived Thursday, April 8! The UPS lady not only had a few choice words for me, but also had an asthma attack when she got all 255 pounds of table onto the front porch. Paul, being the best husband in the world, got right to work putting it together. Since there was no way for us to lift the boxes and put them into the house, he brought it in, piece by piece.

The front porch Thursday night

Once the first five of fifteen steps were competed (three hours later), my table really started to take shape! Amazing how much room a 12 foot table really needs! Have seven months to figure out where the Christmas tree is going to go, since it traditionally goes in that corner.

By Saturday morning, we freed the machine from its box and put it on the table--just perfect! Using the enclosed DVD, was able to load the quilt and start practicing. Am amazed at how simple it is to use--feel like I can get started on a quilt right away! Thankfully, I have at least twelve tops to quilt, so practice isn't going to be a problem.

This little gizmo is the bobbin winder--it was the only component I was able to pick up myself, weighing in at around ten pounds.

Am very excited to have this great new toy, err, I mean tool, to finish my quilts. Most of all, am thankful for a darling husband who encourages me (sparing no expense) in all that I do.

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sewkalico said...

Fantastic! You'll have no excuses to have UFO's now :-)