Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AniLee National Quilt Day Hunt

When I started this blog, it was with the intention of posting only finished projects, but am making an exception with this top.

AniLee ( hosts a Treasure Hunt several times a year and I usually participate. About twenty shops hide a link on-line and you have to search the site, click on the link to gather the clue. Once you gather a certain number of clues, you are given a down-loadable pattern. As a special treat, they provided a one day hunt for National Quilt Day--a shop hop from your computer!

This hunt also had a contest to go along with it. If your top was completed by April 30, it was eligible for a chance to be on the cover of the pattern when it goes on sale, as well as free quilting and binding. A panel of judges will determine the winner.

Seems I get much more done if I have a dead-line, but the stress is just too unbearable to live that way for any length of time! The black background shows off the hand-dyed and batik fabrics contrasting with the various colors of stars in deep space. Wonder if it resembles what the Great Designer saw when creating the universe?

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