Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flannel Swap Blocks

Being so quick and easy, this block made a wonderful choice for a swap. Participants will contribute six 8 1/2 inch flannel blocks to each swapper, which will give us a 30 block head start on a quilt. Thinking I might like to have a larger quilt, so would make another 30 blocks--just the right size for keeping warm on a chilly evening . Wondering, though, if it will be spring by the time I get this finished.
The best part of making these blocks is that both the girls helped. Each contributed opinions on color placement, one helped with cutting the chained pieces apart and the other learned to press. They were so excited and would like to try to make their own quilt with this block.
We've come a long way from DD#1 asking me, "Mommy, can't you be like other mothers and not sew?"


sewkalico said...

Lovely blocks! Oh!, that would break my heart if my boys said that to me. Although, they are so used to me sewing, they probably think all Mom's do LOL! I believe it will make great memories, for all of you, when they sew with you.

connie said...


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