Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Challenge

My on-line group is running a monthly challenge for its members this year. The first challenge was a potato baker--one throws washed taters in the bag, no pricking necessary, and they go into the microwave for two or three minutes. People who have made these bags claim that the potatoes are cooked to fluffy perfection. I'm really hoping that the microwave doesn't melt the rayon thread used in the embroidery design--don't want to add that "little something extra" to the taste of the potatoes. Eww!

Downloaded the directions for this project from Sherry Titzer (http://www.atimetostitch.com/). She gives detailed, step-by-step instructions with excellent photographs. The embroidery design is a free download from Serena Smith (http://www.embtreasures.com/), who is a talented digitizer. (Serena Smith also has directions on making one of these bags and they are very clear.)

Up-Date: We used the potato baker and they were the best potatoes from the microwave! As with anything else, it must be used with caution, so follow the directions that are on the website. This project only takes about thirty minutes if you use prequilted fabric or a placemat--it's worth every second!

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sewkalico said...

Yours looks great. I was going to make one, but didn't have any cotton batting so decided I'll wait until I can get some (for the same reason you're worried about the rayon thread...)