Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Window Treatment

Took a quick break from what quilting needs to be done and finished a curtain for the living room that compliments the new furniture. Learned that it is not a good idea to wait too long once the "right" fabric is found. Would have loved to have had eight yards of this cranberry and tan striped moire, but there were only five and three quarters yards left--rats! Now I had to rethink my plan. Fortunately, my mother could see the perfect window treatment, which saved me time I didn't have.

Always working with cotton, this slippery stuff gives me the willies. Was not sure how to keep it all from raveling after cutting, so another phone call to my personal sewing hotline--my mother! She suggested that I pink the edges and, as always, mother knows best! That worked like a charm! Oh, and thankfully, I have a ton of pins that kept everything lined up.

All in all, this project took a few hours for a custom window treatment. Now, off to find sheers that fit a 67 inch window....

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sewkalico said...

I enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you get up to. It's wonderful what we can learn from Mom's!