Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick, Before He's in High School!

Well, it's finally done! When my brother and sister-in-love called me back in February to tell me that they were expecting their first child, "excited" is an understatement! Our guild was having a quilt show the next day, so I searched out the vendor that would have the best fabric to welcome this little love. My brother is a history major and it made sense to pick reproduction fabrics. Since the gender was unknown, red and blue fat quarter packs to make a controlled scrappy quilt seemed to fit the bill. Found the baby "talking quilt" package and then set out to create a design.
Unfortunately, after the quilt show I experienced significant back problems and subsequent back surgery, which delayed its completion. Did manage to finish a couple "drag around" quilts, but wanted him to have a quilt that told him how much he was loved, literally.
My brother and sister-in-love honored my hubby and I in asking us to be their pride and joy's godparents, so the quilt needed to be done. Didn't quite get done in time for the baptism--not for lack of trying. On second thought, this plan may work out just fine--a quiet time as a family without the audience of a party.
So, tomorrow morning, the quilt is going to live at its new home, where a sweet little boy can drag it around and enjoy it for a long time to come.


weaselboy411 said...

Great looking quilt, only the man behind it looks better!!!

Tuffimom said...

Yep, he's the best quilt rack I've ever seen!